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China: tobacco museum’s “smoky” health information
  1. Shanta Varma,
  2. Karen Choi,
  3. Malcolm Koo,
  4. Harvey Skinner
  1. University of Toronto, Canada;

    Statistics from

    The very fact that there is a prestigious new China Tobacco Museum shows how tobacco’s status in China is still far from compatible with the country’s urgent need for serious, effective tobacco control. It was inaugurated in Shanghai City last July, to subdued local excitement. Funded entirely by the Chinese tobacco industry, under the leadership of the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, to the tune of 180 million Renminbi (US$21.7 million), this is the world’s largest tobacco museum. The museum spans over 3000 square metres and houses over 150 000 artefacts, depicting the 400 year history of tobacco in China. Its aim is to promote a “positive” image of the …

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