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Is there public support for banning smoking in motor vehicles?
  1. G Jalleh1,
  2. R J Donovan1,
  3. S Stewart2,
  4. D Sullivan2
  1. 1Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer Control, Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia
  2. 2The Cancer Council Western Australia, West Perth, Western Australia
  1. Correspondence to:
 G Jalleh

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In Australia and elsewhere, the evidence on adverse health effects of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) has resulted in legislation restricting smoking in enclosed public places and most workplaces. While there is considerable momentum to restrict smoking voluntarily in Australian homes,1 adults and children continue to be exposed to ETS in motor vehicles.2,3 Advocacy to promote smoke-free cars when children are on board began at least as far back as 1994 in Australia,4 and in 1995 the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council …

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