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A difference which makes a difference: young adult smokers' accounts of cigarette brands and package design
  1. Janne Scheffels1
  1. Norwegian Institute for Alcohol and Drug Research, Norway


    Objective: To explore young adult smokers' construction of meaning and identity in accounts of cigarette brands and cigarette package design, and by this study the processes by which positive associations with a brand may be reinforced and sustained. Data source: Qualitative in-depth interviews with 21 smokers aged 18-23 in Norway, where advertising for tobacco has been banned since 1975.

    Results: Cigarette brand and cigarette package design appear as an integrated part of young smokers' constructions of smoker identities, enabling the communication of personal characteristics, social identity and positions in hierarchies of status.

    Conclusion: Through branding and package design tobacco companies appear to be able to promote their products in a country where advertising is banned, by means of similar principles that make advertising effective: by creating preferences, differentiation and identification.

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