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A critique of nicotine addiction
  1. University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont, USA

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    A critique of nicotine addiction. Hanan Frenk, Reuven Dar. Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2000.

    Although there have been comprehensive reviews of the evidence for the existence of nicotine dependence (for example, the 1988 Surgeon's General report and the 2000 Royal College of Physician's report), and there have been brief articles citing evidence contrary to the existence of nicotine dependence (for example Robinson, Psychopharmacology1992;108:397), I am unaware of a prior comprehensive review of evidence contrary to nicotine dependence as done in this book. The book is the work of two PhD scientists at Tel-Aviv University. It lists no acknowledgment of funding and does not specifically state whether tobacco industry funding was or was not involved.

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