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Putting a positive image on death and disease: tobacco industry slogans around the world
  1. Andjelka Dzeletovic
  1. Institute of Public Health of Serbia

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    “Towards a better future” (555/BAT)

    “The honour of the nation”

    “Smoking is for honour and integrity”

    Greg Hallen, WHO


    “The brighter future” (555/BAT)

    “A taste apart” (Player's GoldLeaf/BAT)

    “Follow the excitement”

    “Follow the world adventure”

    “Join the adventure”

    “Go for the challenge”

    “Celebrating the spirit of adventure”

    “Be gold, art & literature . . . one & only . . . heart & soul . . . now & forever . . . taste & flavour . . . taste & enjoy . . . body & soul . . . here & now . . . pick & choose . . . before & after . . . light & white . . . live & electric . . . live & explosive . . . hours & hours (for a rock concert) . . . twist & shout . . . relax & enjoy . . . up & down . . . answer & win” (Benson and Hedges/BAT).

    Debra Efroymson, PATH Canada

    Democratic Republic of Congo

    “You know, cool at any time” (Ambassade/BAT)

    “Together we will succeed” (Tumbaco legère/BAT)

    “Good spirit, good taste” (Tumbaco legère/BAT)

    “The faithful friend” (Okapi/TABACONGO)

    “The American dream” (Dallas/Philip Morris)

    Wazi Mulum, Blue Cross


    “Live life Kingsize” (Four square)

    from the magazine Colours


    “Taste the freedom” (Kansas/Philip Morris)


    “Perfect days” (Lark/Philip Morris)


    “The real American taste” (L&M/Philip Morris)

    “USAuthentic” (Houston)

    “Perfection all the time” (Excellence)


    “True taste, true spirit” (Sportsman)

    “Smooth all the way” (Embassy)

    “The winner's choice” (Supermatch)

    “The test of success” (Rex)

    Dunstant Kiwanuka

    Serbia & Montenegro

    “For people who want more” (Walter Wolf)

    “Freedom has no limits” (Ronhil/Rovinj, Croatia)

    “How to spend a million?” (Pall Mall/BAT)

    “Think about it” (Pall Mall/BAT)

    Figure 1

    Mild Seven in Cambodia.

    Figure 2

    “The more you know”. Davidoff advertises above a fun park in Cambodia. The billboard carries no health warning.

    Figure 3

    “Smoothness above all else” 555 in Cambodia.

    Figure 4

    “Test it” and “The power brand”. Banners for West line the streets in Cambodia. The banner positions were used for the Cambodian flag.

    Figure 5

    Marlboro street sign in Cambodia.