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USA: 30 things to do with a dead Camel
  1. David Simpson

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    Teachers, youth leaders, and health educators wondering how to get some of the more subtle messages about the tobacco conspiracy across to teenagers may find help in Wisconsin singer-songwriter Dan Emurian's latest CD “Censored by a cigarette”. The 16 songs (our headline is borrowed from the subtitle of one of them) are performed by Emurian, accompanied by friends young and old. They are pitched at ages ranging from infants to adults, many of them to classic tunes that will be well known around the world. Those most likely to appeal to teenagers combine irreverent and subversive children's humour (Pop! Goes the Air Sac and My Name is Flem give you the general idea) with a more sophisticated explanation of some of the tobacco companies' most devious strategies. So while A New Wrinkle ostensibly deals with smoking's effects on the skin, it also explains how “Tobacco companies promise to lay education on us/ Like a fox holding school for the chickens/ `Don't come into my den until you're older, but then?/ It's the grownup thing to do.' The plot thickens.” Further information from; or from Eumurian at Come Thru Music Co, BMI, 1634 Barlow St, La Crosse, WI, USA.

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    Cover of a CD entitled “Censored by a cigarette”, containing songs directed at teenagers warning them of the devious strategies employed by tobacco companies.