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Play It Again is a section of the journal where we re-publish quotes, gaffes, and immortal lines from friends and foes of tobacco control. It is compiled by Gene Borio, the webmaster of Tobacco BBS, which is the premier tobacco news-gathering site on the internet. Send contributions (including an original version or photocopy of the sourced item) to him at Tobacco BBS, PO Box 359, Village Station, New York 10014-0359; fax +1 001 212 260 6825. Send quotes from online stories (including the full article) or scanned documents (in GIF or JPEG format), to

“John Slade has been the “tipping point” for changing our world”

Greg Connolly, in a moving appreciation of John Slade, pioneering nicotine expert, tobacco control advocate—and warm, personal friend to many. More tributes may be read at John Slade Memorial Page: Source: Boucher P. Rendez Vous: Greg Connolly about his/our friend John Slade, “Tobacco BBS” 2002 February 2.

* * *

While the unexpected death of John Slade on 29 January saddened us in the tobacco control movement, the world had experienced a monumental loss on 11 September 2001. Our normal priorities were put on pause, as we grappled with a new reality

“I can't even explain it. . . But something infinitely more important is going on today with peoples' lives that just requires us to sit back and wait.”

Ohio County Circuit Judge Arthur Recht sending jurors in the Blankenship tobacco trial home late Tuesday morning, 11 September. Source: Smith, V. Terror attacks suspend tobacco trial until next week, “The (Louisville, KY) Courier-Journal” 12 September 2001.* * *

As the initial shock wore off, the event inevitably gave rise to a range of new metaphors and perceptions

“It has not gone unnoticed that in less than a week, the tobacco industry kills …

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