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Smoking among workers from small companies in the Paris area 10 years after the French tobacco law
  1. J Alcouffe,
  2. P Fau-Prudhomot,
  3. P Manillier,
  4. E Lidove,
  5. P-Y Monteleon
  1. Association interprosssionnelle des centres médicaux et sociaux de la région Île-de-France
  1. Correspondence to:
 Dr Jacques Alcouffe, 55 Rue Rouget de Lisle, 92158 Suresnes cedex, France; 

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Since the introduction of a tobacco law in 1991, smoking in enclosed public areas, including the workplace, has been forbidden in France. At the time this law was introduced we conducted several studies concerning smoking behaviour and the implementation of smoking regulations in the workplace.1 We believed that it was interesting to repeat this study 10 years later: (1) to assess the prevalence of active smokers in small companies in the Paris area; (2) to assess the prevalence of passive smokers in these companies; (3) to describe the impact of the French tobacco ban in these places of work.

In the French occupational health system, every worker undergoes a medical examination at least once a year regardless of whether they are exposed to occupational hazards. The occupational physician is required to spend one third of their time studying each worker’s work station. The data were collected among a population of 900 000 workers employed in all job categories in the …

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