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Nigeria: experience it, die from it
  1. Adeola Akinremi,
  2. Seun Akioye
  1. Journalists Advocacy for Safe Environment & Tobacco Eradication, Lagos, Nigeria; adeolaakinremi{at}yahoo.comgenius{at}
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    Last November, BAT launched a promotional campaign called “Experience It” in Nigeria, featuring five blockbuster Hollywood films. All five movies screened or advertised—Ocean’s Eleven, Matrix, ShowTime, Romeo Must Die, and Collateral Damage—are Warner Bros productions. The promotional campaign was national, reaching six geopolitical regions. At “Experience It” events, young people were given free cigarettes and “starters”, as they tend to be known among tobacco industry people, were helped to light them. The venue was a 500 seat dome with wide screen. BAT defended the campaign, saying that it was to “promote cinema culture”, but health advocates say the campaign was really used to launch new packaging for Rothmans cigarettes. Nigeria has no tobacco control regulation and the government actively supports BAT activities.

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    BAT’s promotional campaign, “Experience It”, featuring five Hollywood movies. At the events, young people were given free cigarettes, and even given help to light them.