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The Australian National Tobacco Campaign

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This supplement details aspects of the evaluation of the Australian National Tobacco Campaign (NTC), funded by the Australian Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing. Several additional papers feature supplementary research funded by other sources that shed further light on our understanding of the media and tobacco control in Australia.

The initial phase of the NTC was conceived and developed by the Ministerial Tobacco Advisory Group (MTAG) (appointed by Michael Wooldridge) and chaired by David Hill. Judith Watt, Kate Purcell, Maurice Swanson, Lyn Roberts, and James Fox also assisted in delivering the first truly national campaign in Australia’s history. In subsequent years, the Campaign Technical Advisory Committee (CTAC) have guided the strategic direction of the campaign. The members of CTAC are David Hill, Tom Carroll, Caroline Miller, Lyn Roberts, Denise Sullivan, and Laurie Van Veen. The evaluation of the NTC has been overseen by a research and evaluation committee, the membership of which has comprised David Hill, Ron Borland, Robert Donovan, Tom Carroll, Jenny Taylor, Jacqueline Ball, and Trinette Kinsman. Special thanks are due to Alistair Woodward, University of Otago, Wellington, New Zealand, who served as guest editor for the supplement. Melanie Wakefield played a lead role in planning the supplement and liaising with the authors and the guest editor. The production of the supplement was supported by funding from the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing. Production was greatly assisted by Melissa Cameron, Ali Jones, John Weller, Melissa Dodd, and reviewers of the original research manuscripts.