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Usa/World: TFK’s QuiTIP database
  1. David Simpson

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    The Washington DC based Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (TFK) has developed a new resource, the Quitting and Reducing Tobacco Use Inventory of Products database, or QuiTIP for short. This free, searchable online database currently contains information on around 80 different products sold in the USA and internationally as tobacco use cessation aids (

    Information on each product (taken from product labels and websites) includes details about the manufacturers, directions for use, product ingredients, warnings, disclaimers, and health claims, together with images of the products and/or their packaging. The products are grouped in two categories: those approved for use in the USA, and all others, such as homeopathic, dietary, and nutritional supplements, and herbal remedies—the vast majority on the database fall into this second category. In addition, evidence of product effectiveness is quoted from US and international public health authorities, and there are links to relevant evidence based reviews and statutory provisions in US legislation, including those against misleading and deceptive claims. The database does not include any behavioural interventions, but does provide links to evidence about which are effective.