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Use of tobacco products to advertise music events in Dunedin, New Zealand, 2003
  1. H Darling,
  2. A I Reeder

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    Dunedin is a university city of around 120 000 permanent residents, situated on the south east coast of New Zealand. During the academic year a large number of tertiary students attend the University of Otago. Since the 1990s legislation has banned tobacco advertising and sponsorship in New Zealand.

    A promotional poster appeared in Dunedin in May 2003 advertising a dance event in a local nightclub. The poster imitated the design and colours of a Dunhill cigarette packet (see below) and targeted 18–25 year olds.

    In contrast to the “upmarket” “Di Lusso”, in September 2003 another promotion targeted a different youth music genre. This used the design and colours of the Lucky Strike cigarette packet. Whereas product manufacturers usually jealously protect their “brands”, we are not aware of any action by the tobacco companies in these two cases.

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