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New Zealand: alcohol makes fun of tobacco
  1. George Thomson
  1. Wellington Medical School, University of Otago, New Zealand;

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    There is a history of alliance between alcohol and tobacco companies in many countries, based on their shared interests in maintaining “rights” to promote products, and in the battlefield of smoke-free bars. Recently, a small crack appeared in this alliance in New Zealand.

    The Dutch and Singapore owned New Zealand brewing company DB Breweries runs a series of advertisements for its beer brand Tui. The advertisements have a standard format consisting of a short statement alluding to a topical issue, with the reply “Yeah right”, indicating scepticism about that statement. For instance, “I saw a great reality TV show last night. Yeah right.” The series aims to tap into popular New Zealand culture.

    Towards the end of last year, the company conducted a competition for ideas for the advertisements. Keeping up with public opinion seems to have won the day over defending the old alliance: one winner was, “Those poor tobacco companies. Yeah right”.