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Mandel LL, Alamar BC, Glantz SA. Smoke-free law did not affect revenue from gaming in Delaware. Tobacco Control 2005;14:10–12.

This article contains inaccurate results because of a data entry error. Below is an update of table 1 and fig 1 showing the correct results. White’s test for heteroskedasticity rejected homoskedasticity (p  =  0.016) in the case of total revenues. We corrected for the heteroskedasticity in total revenues by using a weighted least squares analysis using the inverse of the number of video lottery machines as the weight. White’s test of the residuals from the weighted regression did not reject homoskedasticity (p  =  0.293). Average revenues were homoskedastic (p  =  0.13) so we continued to use an unweighted regression. The analysis based on the corrected data confirms the results of the published paper, that the smoke-free law had no affect on revenue from gaming in Delaware.

Table 1

 Estimated effects of the smoke-free law

Figure 1

 (A) Total revenues increase from the creation of the racinos and then flatten out with the economic downturn. No significant relation between total revenues and the smoke-free law exists. (B) Average revenues per machine vary over time and decrease with the downturn in the economy. No significant relation between average revenues and the smoke-free law exists.