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The Taiwan Tobacco Atlas

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“This book will play a significant role in keeping the importance of tobacco control in the public eye…”—Professor Michael Eriksen, co-author of WHO’s The Tobacco Atlas

“I was touched by its relevancy, its comprehensiveness and its thought provoking contents”—Professor Ming-Liang Lee, Former Minister of Health, Taiwan

This Taiwan Tobacco Atlas is unique and sets a precedent in that it has crystallised and reduced complex, evidence based data into half graphic and half clipboard styled presentations, appealing to the serious readers and attractive to concerned smokers. The book demonstrates how an emerging nation can systematically and critically review the various aspects of tobacco control issues based on research results, fully capitalising on an old Chinese saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Taiwan is setting an example for other nations to emulate in reaching out to the public to gain understanding and support. The colourful book is a joy to read and is fun just to flip through.

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