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Can carbon monoxide analysers be fuelled by alcohol intake?
  1. E Groman,
  2. A Riemerth,
  3. G Bernhard,
  4. G Appeltauer,
  5. B Schuster,
  6. I Veitsmeier
  1. Institute of Social Medicine, Centre of Public Health, Medical University of Vienna & Nicotine Institute, Vienna, Austria
  1. Correspondence to:
 Dr Ernest Groman

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The Nicotine Institute1 ( organises in cooperation with the local health fund ( outpatient smoking cessation2,3 in Lower Austria. Since 2002, approximately 2800 smokers have attended our treatment service. We have had occasional reports of high carbon monoxide (CO) values if smokers have consumed alcoholic beverages. One case drew our attention. The patient affirmed that he had not smoked during the day, but …

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