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Spain: going smoke free
  1. Esteve Fernández
  1. Institut Català d’Oncologia, Barcelona, Spain;

    Statistics from

    From 1 January 2006 the Spanish government introduced a new law against smoking (Ley 28/2005). This law is not only a ban on smoking but a compendium of public health measures against smoking and regulations on the sale, supply, consumption, and publicity of tobacco products. The law’s main objectives are to protect non-smokers (especially at the workplace) from secondhand smoke—currently, 69% of the Spanish adult population, both sexes combined, declare they are non-smokers—to prevent initiation among young people, and to promote smoking cessation.

    The law creates smoke-free environments in all enclosed public and private workplaces and smoking is now banned in all indoor public places, public transportation including closed stations, hospitals and other health care facilities, schools and universities, as well as retail stores and shopping centres. There are important …

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