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USA: Philip Morris deplores bad taste
  1. S Shatenstein
  1. Contributing Editor, Tobacco Control; shatensteins{at}

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    The Smoking Gun website ( recently revealed that Philip Morris had its law firm, Arnold & Porter LLP, send a “cease and desist” letter to Bobble Head World, the maker of a ceramic “Smoking Baby”. The problem? The box design for the inexpensive doll (not much more or less costly than a pack of cigarettes, depending on where you live) bears a logo “confusingly similar” to Marlboro’s famous red and white chevron. According to the legal letter, these designs “are clearly intended to evoke an unsavoury association” with Marlboro.

    Easy to understand the angst at Philip Morris. Creating unsavoury associations with Marlboro is best left to the tobacco professionals.

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    The ceramic “Smoking baby”, the subject of a “cease and desist” letter from Philip Morris.