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Cancer: my story
  1. N Hirschhorn

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    Edited by Daniel Feist with Stan Shatenstein. Published by CanWest Books, Inc (a subsidiary of CanWest MediaWorks Publications Inc), price C$19.95, ISBN 1-897229-08-9.

    A personal account of a smoker’s life with, and death from, cancer

    You probably never knew Daniel Feist. Now he’s just another statistic, one of five million-plus who die each year from smoking. No, let’s say that plainly: who are killed each year by tobacco, dead as anyone in the World Trade Center towers. Who was he? “Daniel had an eclectic career as a writer, producer, radio broadcaster and teacher,” bringing world music to listeners in Canada, Africa and Poland; happily married, father of two—so relates Stan Shatenstein, Daniel’s friend since …

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