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  1. Eva Kralikova
  1. Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
    ; eva.kralikova{at}

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    Smoking causes up to 20% of erectile dysfunction in men. This fact, especially interesting for adolescents both male and female, was part of a campaign launched in December 2007, prepared free of charge by the advertising agency Leagas Delaney Praha for the Czech society for treatment of tobacco dependence. Together with the sexual medicine society of the Czech medical association, the campaign includes postcards, posters, press advertising and web design.

    Among the images developed for the campaign are three bedroom scenes, all with a slogan that translates as, “What good is a smoker in the bedroom?” They each show an unfortunate male smoker unable to perform his expected role in bed, who has been pressed into service instead as a standard lamp, a candlestick and a glass table support, respectively. Another three images, produced on postcards in a series known as “Happy impotent”, show men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, apparently now happily engaged in traditionally female pursuits such as knitting and embroidery. Small embroidery sets are being provided to tobacco shops to be given to men buying cigarettes.

    Czech Republic: English language versions of some of the original Czech advertisements used recently to highlight the role of smoking in erectile dysfunction. Two series of images, called “What good is a smoker in the bedroom?” and “Happy impotent”, urge male smokers to telephone the national helpline number for advice on giving up smoking.