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An Argentinean icon as a useful tool to sell BAT’s cigarettes
  1. S Braun,
  2. R M Mejía,
  3. R Jaganath
  1. Hospital de Clinicas, University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  1. Sandra Braun, Hospital de Clinicas, University of Buenos Aires, Ruy Díaz de Guzman 87, Buenos Aires, 1267, Argentina; sandrabraun{at}

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In 1995, Marlboro was the leading brand of cigarettes in Argentina. In order to challenge Marlboro’s position, BAT undertook a psychographic study of Argentinean youth. They found that based on their political and religious convictions “young adults” could be classified into three different groups: “progressives,” “jurassics” and “crudos” or “spoiled brats.” “Jurassics,” or conservatives, representing 40% of the youth market, were strict, macho, religious, pro-United States and nationalistic.1 Using this research, BAT developed a strategy for their main national brand, Jockey Club (JC), to compete with Marlboro in this large and important segment. BAT have linked …

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