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  1. John M Pinney
  1. Corporate Health Policies Group, Bethesda, Maryland, USA

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Our purpose this morning in this last session is to try to focus on delivery of smoking cessation ; all that we talked about yesterday really means very little unless we can find ways to reach people and to deliver what we know will help them. And we have an excellent panel who can bring a number of different perspectives to this issue. Let me introduce the rest of the panel, starting on Dr Davis’ right.

Dr Roselyn Epps from the National Cancer Institute.

Dr Jack Hollis, a Senior Investigator for Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research. He’s also Clinical Associate Professor of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at the School of Medicine of Oregon Health Sciences University.

Dr Marc Manley, Acting Chief of the Public Health Applications Research Branch at the National Cancer Institute.

Dr Deborah Ossip-Klein, Associate Professor of Psychology in Community and Preventive Medicine, and Director of the Smoking Research Program at the University of Rochester.

Lastly, Dr Nancy Rigotti who, in addition to being Assistant Professor of Medicine and Preventive Medicine at Harvard Medical School, is launching one of the premier hospital-based smoking cessation programmes at the medical mecca of Massachusetts General Hospital.

Finally, our presenter, Dr Ron Davis, has been the Chief Medical Officer of the Michigan Department of Public Health since April 1991. He’s responsible for the medical aspects of the Department’s policies and programmes and oversees the Department’s chronic and infectious disease activities.