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‘Neighbour smoke’: proposal for a new term
  1. Anne-Line Brink,
  2. Inge Haunstrup Clemmensen
  1. Danish Cancer Society, Department of Prevention and Documentation, København Ø, Denmark
  1. Correspondence to Anne-Line Brink, Danish Cancer Society, Department of Prevention and Documentation, Strandboulevarden 49, 2100 København Ø, Denmark; alb{at}
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Transfer of secondhand smoke (SHS) between apartments in multi-unit dwellings is an emerging public health issue, an issue of health equity and it is a challenge for property managers and operators who try to deal with the problem. As public knowledge about SHS increases, renters are becoming increasingly concerned about SHS transfer between apartments. Moreover, the increase in smoke-free workplaces and public places has been associated with increased support for further regulations. Although SHS is a known health hazard studies on SHS transfer in multi-unit dwellings are few. Moreover, they are difficult to search for because a common term has not been established. A common term would help researchers to describe this issue and make it easier to collect information on the topic.

To date, different terms have been used such as environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) transfer,1 ETS …

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  • Funding This paper was funded by the Danish Cancer Society, Department of Prevention and Documentation.

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