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Public mobilisation in implementation of smoke-free Beijing: a social media complaint platform


In November 2014, Beijing People’s Congress adopted the Beijing Smoking Control Ordinance and a key provision bans smoking in all indoor public places, workplaces and on public transport. To ensure effective implementation of the ordinance, the government calls on the whole society to take part. In response, Beijing Tobacco Control Association, with the support of a local technology company, developed the Beijing Tobacco Control Map, a digital system that enables comprehensive tobacco control information collection, data visualisation and mapping. A key component of the Beijing Tobacco Control Map is the Complaint Map which is generated by the data of reported violations of the smoke-free provisions by the general public through a social media platform. The Complaint Map visually displays the reported violations on a map of Beijing in real time. The general public can access the Complaint Map at any time to see which venues and locations have been reported. It is used by tobacco control volunteers, who are recruited and trained to address complaints and promote compliance. It is also used by the government’s enforcement team for targeted inspections. The Complaint Map has effectively engaged the public and promoted a smoke-free Beijing. Beijing’s innovative and systematic approach that involves the Complaint Map, volunteer management, coordination with the enforcement team, and media exposure can be replicated or adapted in other cities in China and abroad that are implementing smoke-free laws or tobacco control laws in general.

  • surveillance and monitoring
  • advocacy
  • secondhand smoke
  • low/middle income country
  • media

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