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  1. John M Pinney
  1. Corporate Health Policies Group, Inc, Bethesda, Maryland, USA

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Smoking cessation : alternative strategies is the fourth major conference on cessation and policy issues held in the USA since 1988. And this is the second time that Tobacco Control has given the proceedings of these conferences broad exposure through a supplement. Each of the conferences has aimed to broaden our thinking on cessation, and may have helped balance the perspective of the tobacco control movement between considerations of policy and cessation. For no matter how effective policy interventions may be at motivating smokers to quit, the sad reality is that the success rate for the majority who try to quit on their own is painfully low and much remains to be done to increase both the overall rate of success and the number of smokers who attempt to quit.

At the 1993 conference, considerable interest was generated by new developments that could stimulate support for cessation programmes and products. The US Congress was debating reform of …

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