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The tobacco industry and education and science organisations in New Zealand
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    Editor,—The New Zealand Smoke-Free Environments Act 1990 bans most forms of tobacco advertising and of sponsorship (Ss 22–28 as amended). Nevertheless many other forms of association between the tobacco industry and New Zealand organisations are possible, including investment and unpublicised funding.

    Links with other organisations may help provide the tobacco industry with legitimacy, information, contacts, influence, and investment funds. Association with education and science is particularly prized by the industry.1-3 Of the forms of association possible, research funding by the tobacco industry is one of the points of contention.2 4 5 The debate on funding is part of a wider discussion about the relationship between business and science. The debate is influenced by new information on tobacco industry practices,6 the shift by the industry in some countries towards indirect promotion,3 and the move away from attempts to promote health by cooperation with the industry.7 These and other elements …

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