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Anti-tobacco media campaign for young people
  1. Trish Seghersa,
  2. Sally Folandb
  1. aGroup Health Northwest, 5615 West Sunset Highway, Spokane, Washington 99224, USA; , bKaiser Foundation Health Plan of Colorado, 10350 East Dakota Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80231, USA;

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In 1996, the Office on Smoking and Health of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), asked The HMO Group to conduct anti-tobacco media campaigns aimed at young people in two or three communities that had member health maintenance organisations (HMOs). The HMO Group is a strategic national alliance of HMOs working to strengthen their quality and performance through collaborative efforts. Kaiser Permanente (KPC), in Denver, Colorado, and Group Health Northwest (GHNW) in Spokane, Washington, were fortunate to be recipients of CDC funds to conduct these campaigns. This paper is a summary of the activities of these two campaigns and the lessons learned.

Purpose of the campaigns

The purpose of the campaigns was to increase the airing and placement of existing messages which counter tobacco advertisements. The Office on Smoking and Health has a Media Campaign Resource Center that houses anti-tobacco media materials. The campaigns provided opportunities for these materials to be used in the battle against “big tobacco”. The ultimate goal was to help prevent our children from using tobacco or, in the event that they were already using it, to try to get them to quit.

The request for proposals from The HMO Group to conduct the campaigns was received by KPC and GHNW in late August 1996. The two organisations were notified at the end of November that their proposals had been accepted. The campaigns were scheduled to finish by the end of February to take advantage of a special offer from the Office on Smoking and Health. This offer waived usage and talent fees for a set of four advertisements that were included in a Youth Performance Package. These fees, especially the talent fees, can be exorbitant, and the savings substantially increased the amount of television and …

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  • The HMO Group is now the Alliance of Community Health Plans.