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Into the next millenium at the “one stop shopping guide” for tobacco control
  1. SIMON CHAPMAN, Editor

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After working as Ron Davis’ deputy for the past seven years, I’m honoured and excited to have accepted the editor’s post now that Ron has moved on to become North American editor for the British Medical Journal. All who have followed the progress ofTobacco Control since its launch in 1992 will know what a unique journal it has become under his leadership. From its often riveting covers, through its solid stock of original articles and to its compelling blend of news analysis and advocacy studies, the journal is—as an industry conference was advised from our very first year—“an unlimited source of information” which the delegates were advised emphatically to “read andread again”.1 I believe the journal’s strengths centre around our recognition that the tobacco control field requires research and advocacy talent from a very diverse range of disciplines and experiences. We will continue to actively facilitate the publication of high-quality research and scholarship from this diverse field and make particular efforts to encourage papers from multidisciplinary groups.

There are some profound challenges facing our field in the new millenium. The following five particularly interest me.

  • What advocacy strategies and ways of framing tobacco control issues will have most impact on the governments and populations of less developed countries where progress against tobacco …

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