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Play It Again is a section of the journal where we re-publish quotes, gaffes, and immortal lines from friends and foes of tobacco control. It is compiled by Gene Borio, the webmaster of Tobacco BBS, which is the premier tobacco news-gathering site on the internet. A resident of New York City, he has been involved in tobacco issues since the late 1980s. Send contributions (including an original version or photocopy of the sourced item) to him at Tobacco BBS, PO Box 359, Village Station, New York 10014-0359; fax +1 212 260 6825. Send quotes from online stories (including the full article) or scanned documents (in GIF or JPEG format), to

We’ve heard some extremely harsh words about the industry recently. Nothing unusual about that. What is noteworthy is the virulence of the comments—and their sources.—GB

“It’s my goal to literally destroy (tobacco companies).”

New Zealand associate health minister Tuariki Delamere. Source: “The Press” (Christchurch, New Zealand) 1998 Aug 4.

“Nicotine consumption in Nicaragua is like a permanent Hurricane Mitch plague on the society of our country.”

Dr Julio Centeno Gomez, the attorney general of Nicaragua. Source: Another Latin American country files suit in the US against tobacco companies. “Business Wire” 1998 Dec 10.

“We are in a war . . . I’m getting sick and tired of going to funerals for Latinos who are dying of lung cancer.”

Rev. Sam Geli, a La Raza workshop speaker. (La Raza is the largest Latino advocacy group in the United States.) Source: At conference, mixed messages on tobacco. “Philadelphia Inquirer” 1998 Jul 23.

“These people are cunning, deliberate and premeditated child killers. The killing might take 20 or 30 years but it is killing, plain and simple.”

Unidentified source close to British Health Secretary Frank Dobson. Source: War on tobacco as …

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