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Forbidden pleasures
  1. Faculty of Commerce, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6T 1Z2 Canada;

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    Signs of pleasure, danger and warning. Merja Salo. Helsinki, Finland: University of Art and Design, ISBN 951-558-008-0 (CD-ROM).

    This is a CD-ROM, not a book, and has grown out of a doctoral dissertation in photography. It is a detailed discussion of cigarette advertising in Finland, giving an analysis of a large universe of 2764 Finnish print advertisements from 1870 to 1994, and 379 anti-smoking advertisements of more recent dates, drawn from various Finnish archives, museums, and trade sources. The innovative CD-ROM mode was chosen “to give readers the opportunity to detach themselves from a linear manner of reading” and the ability to readily browse among the 550 colour illustrations.

    With a primary focus on the import of the images used, the result is an outline of the “symbolic spheres” used in advertising for and against cigarette use. Grounded in the European intellectual traditions, it …

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