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Communicating with teens: some lessons from commercial marketing
  1. George I Balch
  1. Balch Associates, 635 South Kenilworth Avenue, Oak Park, IL 60304-1129, USA;

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    The marketing approach divides the potential audience into various segments in order to choose which segments to target. Marketers then develop offerings that consumer research indicates will appeal to each target group. We develop communications that they will find interesting, personally relevant, credible, and persuasive. No single appeal works for all.

    So it is with smoking and youths. One segment,non-susceptible non-smokers, have never taken a puff and never intend to, no matter who offers them a cigarette. Over time, most do not take up smoking.1 They do not need prevention or cessation efforts. Another segment,susceptible non-smokers, have also never taken a puff, but …

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