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Smoke-free Legislation and Charitable Gaming in Kentucky
  1. Mark K. Pyles1,
  2. Ellen J. Hahn2
  1. 1 College of Charleston, United States;
  2. 2 University of Kentucky, United States
  1. E-mail: pylesm{at}


Objective: To determine the effect of municipal smoke-free laws in Kentucky on gross and/or net revenues from charitable gaming activities. Between January 2000 and June 2007, 13 Kentucky communities implemented smoke-free legislation; only three specifically exempted charitable gaming facilities and compliance in several communities was not consistent. Kentucky is a tobacco-growing state that has the highest smoking rate in the U.S.

Design: A fixed-effects time series design to estimate the impact of municipal smoke-free laws on charitable gaming.

Setting: Thirteen Kentucky counties that implemented smoke-free laws during the study period of January 2000 through June 2007. Subjects: All charitable gaming facilities in 13 counties in which a smoke-free ordinance was enacted during the study period.

Main outcome measures: Gross and net revenues from charitable gaming activities in each county for each quarter of the study period, obtained from the Kentucky Department of Charitable Gaming.

Results: When controlling for economic variables, county-specific effects, and time trends using a robust statistical framework, there was no significant relationship between smoke-free laws and charitable gaming revenues. Municipal smoke-free legislation had no effect on charitable gaming revenues.

Conclusions: No significant harm to charitable gaming revenues was associated with the smoke-free legislation during the 7.5-year study period, despite the fact that Kentucky is a tobacco-producing state with higher-than-average smoking rates.

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