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The Plain Truth about Tobacco Packaging
  1. Gerard B. Hastings1,
  2. Karine Gallopel2,
  3. Juan Miguel Rey3
  1. 1 University of Stirling and the Open University, United Kingdom;
  2. 2 University of Rennes, France;
  3. 3 University of Cadiz, Spain
  1. E-mail: gerard.hastings{at}


Hymenopus coronatus (the Malaysian preying mantis) has a cunning hunting technique. It disguises itself as an orchid: its four walking legs are exquisite replicas of petals and its lethal jaws blend into the background. This makes it beautiful to behold, but for the lizards and insects that are its prey, ruthless and deadly. What looks like a flower, and an enticing source of nectar, is actually a death trap.

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