Limited Sampling and lack of social group can effect the comparison of cigarette- and hookah-related videos on YouTube

Atif A Baig, Medical Lecturer,

Other Contributors:

April 27, 2012

NOT PEER REVIEWED We want to share our thoughts regarding the conclusions of this comparison. We strongly believe that this research must be evaluated with a larger sample. The criteria for inclusion or exclusion need to be revised, for two reasons:

1. If we search for videos on Youtube using the words "cigarette" or "hookah", there are more than 86,500 and 39,850 videos respectively (search dated, March 15th, 2012). We assume that the criteria the authors used for choosing the 66 and 61 videos for cigarette and hookah respectively are insufficient.

The authors have considered the remarks of the Youtube users on these videos. However, the conclusions that can be drawn are limited due to the small sample size.

A social group needs to be defined when working with a search engine like Youtube, where the respondents are normally not available. In this research the social group has not been defined since there are no interview data.

We strongly believe that online survey based research with search engines like Youtube has an advantage of being low coast and less time consuming but yet there is a need of respondents belonging to a specific social group.

We suggest this research could be improved by targeting a specific social group on Youtube and using an online questionnaire based survey of the respondents who comment on Youtube videos to have a comparison of what they comment and what they think based on their knowledge and exposure as members of a specific social group.

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