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published between 2007 and 2010

  • Lee did not provide any quantitative estimates of the effects of smokeless promotion on population health
    Stanton A Glantz

    We are mildly flattered that Philip Morris found it worthwhile to have Peter Lee criticize our framework [1] for assessing the likely population effects of aggressive promotion of smokeless tobacco as a harm reduction strategy in the USA. Peter Lee is a longtime tobacco industry consultant who has a history spanning decades criticizing important studies demonstrating the harms of tobacco and secondhand smoke [2], inclu...

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  • Lifting the lid on Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Re: "Ending appreciable tobacco use in a nation: using a sinking lid on supply"
    Brent O Caldwell

    Thomson and colleagues present a novel radical approach for national tobacco elimination supported by cogent arguments and discussion of the various pros and cons for such a policy (Tobacco Control 2010;10:431-435). They discuss, albeit briefly, the importance of best practice cessation support. However current best practice is not especially effective, and just as they have argued for a radical policy approach, there sim...

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  • Quantifying the effects of promoting smokeless tobacco as a harm reduction strategy in the USA" A commentary on the paper by Mejia et al
    Peter N. Lee

    INTRODUCTION Mejia et al1 argue that a harm reduction strategy based on promoting snus, the form of smokeless tobacco widely used in Sweden, is unlikely to result in any substantial health benefit to the US population. They divide the population into five tobacco groups (never tobacco users, former tobacco users, current cigarette smokers, current snus users, and current dual users), attaching to each group an estimate of...

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  • Re:British American Tobacco on Facebook: undermining article 13 of the global World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
    Becky Freeman

    Ms Murphy,

    I am hoping that you may be able to answer a query for me? Does BAT sponsor or promote BAT cigarette brands at the MODERNITY festivals in Switzerland?

    It seems a BAT employee is promoting MODERNITY events through Facebook - I have provided the relevant links below for your information.

    Profile of Matthieu Kowalczyk - BAT employee National HoReCa Event Manager


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  • Snus and Quid Consumption not only Risking for Occurrence of Oral Cancer (O-SCC), also development of Metabolic Syndrome (MS).
    Chitta R CHOWDHURY

    Snus is threatening not only for Sweden also other parts of Europe. We have anecdotal information that UK tourists in Sweden(who are smokers) are trying Snus quite frequently. Therefore, there is a threat of cross-border transmission of Snus addiction. Some of the reports claim that Snus is less injurious to health comparing smoking, but, the evidence shows there is a higher risk for the occurrence of oral cancer (OSCC)...

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  • Tobacco waste - make the industry pay!
    Fenton O Howell

    ASH Ireland very much welcomes the comprehensive article on cigarette waste by Smith and McDaniel. This is an issue ASH Ireland has been actively engaged with. In November 2009 ASH Ireland met with the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government (Leader of the Green Party in Ireland) and outlined the scale of the problem to him and his department. Cigarette waste accounts for nearly half of all the litter...

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  • Risk assessment in the regulatory science process.
    Lars E. Rutqvist

    The approach by Ayo-Yusuf and Connolly (2010) to evaluate cancer risks of smokeless tobacco products (STP) addresses issues that could be relevant to modified risk claims for Swedish snus tobacco products. We disagree with the authors' conclusions, and in some cases they simply have the facts wrong. Nonetheless, the issues presented warrant consideration by the tobacco science community, including the FDA Center for Tobac...

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  • One grows weary at such profound inanity
    David C Atherton

    In economic terms anti tobacco have created a faux market. In economic terms there are significant barriers to entry to any new tobacco manufacturer and distributor with the ban on advertising.

    Good heavens you even admit it: "These problems have been exaggerated by unintended consequences of tobacco control policies."

    Your paper says "...market failure, excess profits..wherein a cap is placed on the ma...

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  • danger of low nicotine
    Jonathan H Bagley

    Smokers will smoke more cigarettes and inhale more deeply should the nicotine content of cigarettes be reduced. It is the burning tobacco which kills - not the nicotine. Each smoker has his own comfortable level of nicotine. Perhaps high nicotine cigarettes are safer?

    The speculation that dependence can result from smoking 1 - 2 cigarettes a day is at odds with the more extreme claims by anti tobacco campaigners...

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  • After 25 Years of Misinformation, What Would You Expect
    James R Rothenberger

    Joel L Nitzkin and Elaine Keller did an excellent job of identifying problems with this study so I shall not endeavor to duplicate their suggestions. Instead I wish to speak as a 43 year, at the end 2 to 3 pack, smoker who used Swedish snus 6 months ago to completely stop smoking.

    I attempted smoking cessation for over 30 years using just about every NRT product except Chantix. I tried hypnosis twice, group a...

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