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published between 2008 and 2011

  • Butt Perceptions & Butt Solutions....
    Michael J. McFadden

    One would imagine that public concern about butt litter would largely rise with the amount of butt litter that occurs. One would also reasonably imagine that news articles dealing with the "problem" of butt litter would similarly rise. If we take those two assumptions as being a given for the moment, and then look at the statistics uncovered by this research, we see something very interesting.

    Using Google's t...

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  • Reply to Glantz and Polansky
    Simon Chapman

    NOT PEER REVIEWED Glantz & Polansky respectfully suggest that I should (1) "Base my criticisms on actual data and analysis, rather than raising hypothetical problems and presenting them as if they had been demonstrated to be real" and (2) "Criticise the proposal based on the actual behavior of the motion picture industry, not on whether or not youth see some R-rated films."

    Suggestion 1 seems to be proposing...

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  • health warnings unlikely to be effective
    Jonathan P. Krueger

    But the evidence is that no media campaign based on health warnings is likely to be effective.

    So comparing different varieties of campaigns unlikely to be effective doesn't seem very productive.

    Comparing varieties of campaigns using themes known to be effective, might be worthwhile.


    Evaluation of Antismoking Advertising Campaigns Lisa K. Goldman, MPP; Stanton A. Glantz, PhD. J...

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  • Please base criticism on data and analysis, not hypotheticals
    Stanton A Glantz

    Chapman speculates that basing our analysis on box office gross receipts while omitting what he describes as available video revenue data is problematic. However, Chapman does not actually present an analysis based on reliable data that demonstrates that including post-theatrical film receipts would reverse the conclusion drawn in our paper.

    We used industry-reported "domestic" (Canada and United States) gross...

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  • ex-box office income is critical omission
    Simon Chapman

    Glantz and Polansky's paper is titled "Movies with smoking make less money" but it should have continued "... at the box office" because it failed to consider the major sources of revenue to film studios other than from box office receipts (DVD and blu-ray sales, rentals and video-on- demand or iVOD). They write that data from DVD sales and rentals are not available. However, Nash Information Services (which they reference...

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  • Response to Stepanov et al
    Joel L Nitzkin

    To The Editor:

    NOT PEER REVIEWED The allegation by Stepanov et al1 that "regulation of TSNA levels in cigarette smoke should be strongly considered to reduce the levels of these potent carcinogens in cigarette smoke" ignores substantial evidence elsewhere in the literature that suggests that such regulation would do nothing to reduce cancer risk, and, in fact, might increase it.

    Tobacco-specific N-nitr...

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  • Reducing Carcinogenic Tobacco-Specific N-Nitrosamines in Cigarette Tobacco is in the Best Interest of Public Health
    Michael F. Borgerding

    NOT PEER REVIEWED I have read with interest the article titled: Carcinogenic tobacco- specific N-nitrosamines in US cigarettes: three decades of remarkable neglect by the tobacco industry.[1] In the article, the authors suggest that the tobacco industry has not attempted in a meaningful way to reduce or control carcinogenic tobacco-specific N-nitrosamines (TSNAs) either in general (as implied by the title of the article...

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  • ENDS (E-cigarettes): No Such Research Needed
    Joel L Nitzkin

    NOT PEER REVIEWED To The Editor:

    Etter et al's recommendation to pull E-cigarettes from the market until drug-type safety and efficacy studies are completed would make sense if these products were delivering some otherwise unknown chemical substance and if they were intended as pharmaceutical smoking cessation therapy. Neither of these conditions applies.

    The only evidence of toxicity noted in the Ette...

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  • E-cigarettes are not just another NRT
    Elaine D Keller

    A goal of the World Health Organization's Tobacco Control Framework is to totally eradicate tobacco use (1). The underlying theory is that anyone who exerts enough will power can overcome addition to nicotine. The situation may not be as simple as they would like to believe.

    The Tobacco Advisory Group of the Royal College of Physicians found that the development of nicotine addiction includes changes in brain st...

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  • Where are the confounders?
    David C Atherton

    NOT PEER REVIEWED I am surprised that AIDS has not been blamed on passive smoking yet, if you excuse my irony.

    Quite frankly this obsession with SHS being the cause of SIDS is quite depressing as an eager public lap up any chance to demonise smokers.

    Looking at the empirical evidence it does not back up the hypothesis. As remarked here by UK journalist Charlie Booker in a piece entitled "Fiddling those s...

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