78 e-Letters

published between 2000 and 2003

  • Effects of smokeless tobacco in Sweden: a reply to Tomar et al.
    Jonathan Foulds

    Dear Editor

    The earth is flat, ABBA couldn’t sing a song, Scotland is going to win the soccer World Cup sometime soon, and snus has played no part in the reduction in smoking prevalence among Swedish men – or so Tomar et al. [1]would have us believe. Of all of these issues not remotely supported by the evidence, the last one is a little more serious in that it may influence tobacco control...

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  • Not quite convincing
    Clive Bates

    I'd like to challenge the suggestion in this paper that mobile phone use does not reduce smoking, simply because smoking teenagers are more likely to own mobile phones.

    The hypothesis advanced by Ann Charlton and I is that mobile phones share some of the same charatcteristics that attract young people to smoking (initiation to adult life, peer bonding, individualistic expression, brand identification etc). I...

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  • No nicotine gum users nicotine free at six months?
    John R. Polito

    The abstract's conclusion that persistent use of nicotine gum is "very rare" casts serious doubt upon the authors' objectivity. How can they here describe a 6.7% chronic nicotine gum use rate at six months as reflecting a 'very rare' condition while their March 2003 OTC NRT meta- analysis - published in this same journal - embraced a 7% six-month smoking abstinence rate finding as "effective?" [1]

    I do hope...

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  • Missing argument
    CharlesC. Walker

    In all of the arguments I see in many articles, both pro and con, concerning smoking bans, I note arguments tend to concentrate on "smoker's rights" and "non-smoker's rights", when neither are relevant to the real issue. That is, whether or not a proprietor has the right to operate a business as he sees fit, allowing those who seek and enjoy the business he offers to freely do so or freely decline it. That speaks more t...

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  • Conclusions are somewhat correct
    Joseph L. McFarland

    In your article you touch on the fact that the consumer would likely not report internet pruchases for fear of reprisal in taxation issues. The state does in fact over look the 1 or 2 carton of cigarette purchase issues when for instance a business man travels to Kentucky and buys a couple ther and brings them back with him to California.

    I have also detected, in the industry of Internet Toabacco sales, where th...

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  • Has the end of Malawi's tobacco-driven economy come?
    Adamson S. Muula

    Has the end of Malawi’s tobacco-driven economy come?


    Adamson S. Muula MB BS, MPH Department of Community Health University of Malawi College of Medicine Private Bag 360, Blantyre 3 MALAWI Email: amuula@medcol.mw

    Letter to Editor

    In his article about Malawi’s economic reliance on the “green gold” (tobacco), Peter Davies 1 clearly presented the dilemma that an African country in...

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  • Group Treatment vs Individual Support for Smoking Cessation
    Gay Sutherland

    Bauld et al (2003) report a number of interesting results from the evaluation of the NHS smoking cessation services. One result in particular which warrants further investigation is the finding that 4 week success (quit) rates were higher for smokers treated in groups compared to those receiving individual support sessions. The authors briefly discuss possible explanations for this, including the possibility that the form...

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  • Impact vs. Efficacy for Pregnant Smokers
    James O Prochaska

    Lawrence et al. (2003) reported the results of their cluster RCT on smoking cessation in pregnant women comparing (1) standard care; (2) Transtheoretical Model (TTM) based manuals; and (3) TTM computer based tailored communications.1 In spite of serious flaws in this study, there were very important results that the authors overlooked. They do not seem to appreciate that this was a population-based trial where the goal...

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  • What to call smoke from cigarettes?
    Stephen L Hamann

    Personally, I prefer a description that tells something of the truth about tobacco smoke, "toxic tobacco smoke." Since the Tenth Report on Carcinogens indicates that tobacco smoke has 250 toxins in it, I don't see any reason not to refer to it as toxic tobacco smoke. This is better than dancing around the danger like many health agencies still do when they refer to the "health" effects of smoking, when they should be tal...

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  • The Survey as PR Tactic
    Gene Borio

    Analysis: The Survey as a PR Tactic

    "Business at New York bars and restaurants has plummeted by as much as 50 percent in the wake of the smoking ban - and the drop has already sparked layoffs and left some establishments on the brink of shutting their doors, a Post survey has found."

    --Cig Ban Leaves Lot Of 'Empties', NY Post, 5/12/03

    On May 12, 2003, the New York Post ran two stories on a...

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