78 e-Letters

published between 2000 and 2003

  • ETS and SHS - an investigation into current usage
    Pascal A. Diethelm

    Dear Editor,

    I did some investigation comparing the current usage of the term "environmental tobacco smoke" and its acronym, ETS, and the usage of "secondhand smoke" and SHS. The results I obtained tend to support your editorial.

    I went first to the WHO web site and typed ETS in the search box. The first page of results contain 10 entries. All 10 related to tobacco smoke. I then typed SHS, and out of the...

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  • Industry response to this finding
    Jonathan P. Krueger

    The industry cries that it's against youth smoking are a great line of talk; action is of course another matter. This research finding is a fine case in point. If the industry were really against youth smoking, it would respond to this finding by immediately cutting all advertising and promotion that portrayed or suggested a connection between the product and being thin. To do otherwise, to keep running such ads, would, in...

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  • Erratum
    Majid Ezzati

    On figure 2D, the number in brackets in front of SEAR B females should be 2% (instead of 61%).

  • Re: Re: OTC NRT 93% Midyear Relapse Rate
    John R. Polito

    The authors concede that programs offering cessation education, skills development, counseling and/or group support "on average" produce quit rates more than double (15%) their meta-analysis OTC NRT finding of 7% at midyear. Although most of us are aware of at least one short term abrupt cessation program consistently achieving midyear rates in the 30 to 50% range, I thought that confronting the authors with midyear pla...

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  • Re: OTC NRT 93% Midyear Relapse Rate
    Saul Shiffman

    Over-the-counter nicotine replacement: Rhetoric vs. Reality

    Mr. Polito has criticized our recent meta-analysis of over-the- counter (OTC) nicotine replacement (NRT) that appeared in Tobacco Control (Vol 12, p 21). Our brief response is below. Readers wishing to respond to us or obtain citations for our assertions can email john.hughes@uvm.edu or shiffman@pinneyassociates.com ).

    The major assumption of...

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  • OTC NRT 93% Midyear Relapse Rate
    John R. Polito

    Dr. Hughes and Shiffman do their academic best to try and convince those making worldwide cessation policy decisions that, after 20 years of NRT research that consumed the lion's share of all cessation research dollars, a 93% midyear relapse rate demonstrates an "effective" means for smokers to quit. Rubbish! It's a sad day indeed when NRT researchers celebrate a 93% failure rate by declaring odds ratio victories over...

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  • Being remade for a different location.
    Stephen L Hamann

    I am sorry to say that George Leslie and others who have long worked for the tobacco industry often end up moving their snake oil solutions to other areas, for example, Asia. Tobacco control advocates are few here and scientists who have any experience with research in air quality in the West are often consulted on problems of air pollution. It is then very easy for tobacco industry scientists to present themselves as...

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  • Sue for fire safe cigarettes
    Christopher J Covert-Bowlds, MD

    Efforts at requiring fire safe cigarettes have been underway for years, lead by the late Representative Moakley of Massachusetts. Tobacco industry opposition has always stopped progress. Now that Senator Helms has retired, Philip Morris has publicly voiced its intent not to oppose such efforts, and the tobacco industry's public image is lower than ever, it is time to try again.

    New York has passed a fire safe...

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  • Philip Morris Backward
    Stephen L. Hamann

    Dear Mr Meyers, Thank you for your article about the name change of Philip Morris. It is appropriate that PM should wish to become invisible. In fact, they are simply backward, so I shall reverse their new name to airtla, meaning Aberrant Industry in Regular Touch with Legal Attorneys. I hope they shall hence forward remain named with this backward sign of wrong doing. Branding, after all, is one of their specialties...

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  • More on F1
    Ross J MacKenzie

    Bernie Ecclestone's strategy of continuing Formula 1's relationship with tobacco sponsors at seemingly any cost is raising the ire of motor racing purists.

    As European bans on sponsorship become increasingly likely, Ecclestone plans to move races from traditional circuits to countries that have no foreseeable plans to ban tobacco sponsorship.

    Rumour has it that among the courses to be axed from the F1...

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