114 e-Letters

published between 2005 and 2008

  • BAT’s co-branding with BlackBerry –tested in Malaysia?
    Mary Assunta

    Lee and Mackenzie’s news analysis article on BAT’s Blackberry-picking endorsement (TC 2007;16:223) jolted to memory an advertisement from Malaysia a couple of years ago. In March 2005, the Clearing House on Tobacco Control (based at the National Poison Centre, Penang) alerted Malaysians to a similar endorsement advert for BlackBerry by BAT Malaysia in a national newspaper (see illustration at http://tobacco.health.usyd.ed...

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  • Waterpipe and not Shisha should be the unifying term
    Sebastian Thomas

    Dear editor,

    I beg to differ with the statement “Shisha –this word is used everywhere in the world” {e-letter- Shisha vs. “Water-pipe” : The Question of a Unifying Term(Kamal Chaouachi)}

    The word Shisha is not used everywhere in the world. If it is used, the meaning is different. In the Indian subcontinent, a region where hundreds of languages are spoken, the word connoting any type of waterpipe is ‘...

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  • The arrive of British AmericanTobacco (BAT) and the rise in tobacco sales in Italy
    Roberto Mazza

    While a recent editorial in Tobacco Control wonders “Falling prevalence of smoking: how low can we go?”1, in Italy something worrying is happening in tobacco control. After a constant decline in the past 3 years, in 2006 an excess of a 1000 tonnes of tobacco was sold in Italy2. This means “only” an increase of 1.1% of the total market, but represents also an excess of 50 million of cigarette packs, one for each Italian. This...

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  • Blasting away at POS displays
    Kathryn I Barnsley

    Dear Editors

    This is another interesting and useful contribution from Richard Pollay. It reinforces my arguments made in a 2000 article in Tobacco Control, that detailed legislation is required to specifically prohibit POS displays and any industry visual and aural trickery associated with tobacco product sales.

    Ten years ago when we eliminated advertising at POS in Tasmania (Australia), we were warn...

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  • Waterpipe Smoking and Dental Stains-Adding fuel to the controversy?”
    Sebastian Thomas

    A controversy has been raging regarding the relative safety of waterpipe smoking . To investigate the claims of few university students who smoked waterpipe that waterpipe smoke (WPS) does not cause dental stains, we compared cigarette and waterpipe smokers.

    Two groups each of 10 subjects were selected .One group comprising of only water pipe smokers (including 9 waterpipe cafe caretakers), the other made of on...

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  • EU healthcare arena boycotted BAT's CSR stunt
    Nick K Schneider

    The BAT lobbying event on "corporate social responsibility" was luckily not only critisized by Dr Jean King, but widely boycotted by major Brussels based organisations and stakeholders. The initiative was spearhheaded by the European Respiratory Society (ERS), following the invitation to the BAT event by, among others, the Chairperson of the Health and Environment Committee of the European Parliament. Signatories to the...

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  • Failure to declare competing interest
    Simon Chapman

    On March 15 2007, my attention was drawn to a patent for a tobacco smoking device, filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a "Hookah with simplified lighting" on June 9 2005. One of the authors of the device being patented was Kamal Chaouachi, who on December 2 2004, had a rapid response published in Tobacco Control [1] which was critical of a paper by Masiak et al [2]. The submission process for rapid...

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  • The CDC must share the mortality data for all tobacco users
    Brad Rodu

    Foulds and Ramström raise important questions regarding a direct comparison of mortality rates among smokers, smokeless tobacco (ST) users, persons with mixed or former use, and non-users. They urge officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and from the American Cancer Society (ACS) to make these comparisons and report the results, so that Americans are fully informed about the health risks relate...

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  • What are the health effects of switchers relative to continuing smokers?
    Jonathan Foulds

    Henley et al’s paper (1) showing worse health outcomes in men switching from cigarettes to smokeless tobacco, compared with men ceasing tobacco use completely, adds to our understanding of the potential risks from smokeless tobacco use. However, it also raises some additional questions:

    1. Like the authors’ earlier paper comparing health outcomes in exclusive smokers with those of exclusive smokeless users in C...

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  • Shame on the Military for Promoting Tobacco Use
    Bruce W. Adkins

    The longstanding tradition of the U.S. military and tobacco industry leaders 'smoking in the good ol' boys room' is well documented by the Smith, Blackmon, Malone "Death at a Discount" research paper!

    It is time that the military and other federal politicos become concerned about the health of our military, and drop the montra of tobacco use being a 'right'. Obviously, the lobby of the tobacco industry even infi...

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