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  • Re: Re: Re: Nomenclature re passive smoking
    D Gordon Draves

    I would prefer if we could move away from using ETS--Environmental Tobacco Smoke, because it was either developed by the tobacco companies or was gleefully adopted by them. The term ETS is benign while the actual product is extremely dangerous. Some suggestions for substitutes would be TSP--tobacco smoke pollution, TSP--tobacco smoke poisons, TST--tobacco smoke toxins, TTS--toxic tobacco smoke. However, all except the f...

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  • Re: Re: Nomenclature re passive smoking
    Tac Tacelosky

    If Tobacco Control is looking for input as to what name to use, I urge "Secondhand Smoke". ETS is a great term for those that don't like to type, but it's a very neutral term. People hate secondhand smoke, they don't care much about ETS.

    Passive Smoking and Involuntary Smoking are good terms, but I don't think they'll catch on.

    Congrats to Tobacco Control for a great launch into Cyberspace!


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  • Re: Re: Nomenclature re passive smoking
    Simon Chapman

    Ron: "secondhand" implies to me "used". So it seems to apply more to the exhaled component of the total ETS mix than it does to the sidestream component. Before the sidestream component is inhaled by those exposd, it has yet to be "used" in this anthropocentric perspective on the subject.

  • Re: Nomenclature re passive smoking
    Ron Davis


    In your note, you appear to use "secondhand smoke" to refer to exhaled smoke. However, it seems as if many people use secondhand smoke synonymously with ETS, and that's how I use it. People talk about nonsmokers' exposure to secondhand smoke, but nonsmokers' exposure is typically to ETS, which is made up of exhaled smoke PLUS sidestream smoke. It would be difficult for someone to be exposed to pure exha...

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  • Nomenclature re passive smoking
    Simon Chapman

    Tobacco Control's editors have never developed a formal policy about which nomenclature we should adopt as the preferred way of writing about passive smoking. This present article, which has attracted huge international media attention, is a good example. Its title contains the term "passive smoking" and its text frequently uses ETS (environmental tobacco smoke). Our technical editor has recently requested clarification...

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  • Punish all smokers that won''t stop with a new law.

    I work at a radiostation in Amsterdam - The Netherlands, in the on-air studio directing the show, doing editing and mixing and so on. I have to work together with 1 other in the same room. This is usually a smoker.

    I will simply get fired if I would even ask my co-workers to stop smoking. You have to get this through to the LAW a.s.a.p. maybe then I stand a chance...

    I sure as hell have felt these conseq...

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  • Additional barriers and solutions to enforcement of youth access laws
    Rick Kropp

    Dear Editor:

    In their article, “Impediments to the enforcement of youth access laws” in your Summer 1999 issue of Tobacco Control, Drs. Joseph DiFranza and Nancy Rigotti identified and explored some of the major barriers to active enforcement of minimum age- of-sale tobacco laws. Through their work, Drs. DiFranza and Rigotti have made substantial contribution to the limited research on why tobacco sales laws are...

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  • Florida Jury Finding May Constitute "Crime Against Humanity"
    Richard A Daynard

    In his letter, Neil Francey points out that the definition of "crimes against humanity" includes "inhumane acts... intentionally causing great suffering".

    On July 7, 1999 a jury in the Engle class action case in Florida answered the question: "Have Plaintiffs proven that one or more of the Defendant Tobacco Companies engaged in extreme and outrageous conduct or with reckless disregard to cigarettes sold or sup...

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  • Cecilia Farren
    I saw that Tobacco Control was now online from a message Simon Chapman posted on Globalink. I tried it and here it all is for everyone to see. I only get to see the work copy if I go to another city as it is in the library there. Now to have it online is heaven. I wish I could see the whole cover as that picture is really 'In your face'. Anyway just to say hi! and thank you for this trial period online.
  • Step forward the real Tobacco Control
    Clive Bates

    Congratulations on the excellent new on-line Tobacco Control and hats off to RWJ and BMJ Publishing. The cross referencing and interactive features represent a step change in the value of the publication and a new front in the efforts to contain the tobacco epidemic. If Philip Morris was worried before, then it will be more worried now.

    Perhaps now is the time to rethink our relationship with the house journal o...

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