78 e-Letters

published between 2000 and 2003

  • Movie Tobacco; How Long Has This Been Going On?
    James Rowland

    Very much enjoyed this article. Was hoping to learn whether product placement tactics were used in "early" films (pre-1950), because in viewing films from the 30's and 40's, I find it almost impossible to find a scene without smoking. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks, James Rowland

  • Douglas C. Tutt

    I disagree totally with Stan Glantz and his view that we abandon youth access efforts.

    As usual in every argument there is truth on both sides. He is right in being concerned that this can be an easy way for tobacco companies to look good and that teens will attempt to substitute other social sources. But one of the main sources of such secondary supply is other minors purchasing and then selling on the 'black...

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  • reference
    Julie Grealy

    Is it at all possible to recieve, give me direction, on how to obtain a copy of the article which is reference one?

    Thankyou in advance for your time and assistance, Julie

  • Help quitting spitting
    Chris J. Covert-Bowlds, MD

    For those trying to quit smokeless tobacco, there are some helpful options. Of course, making up one's MIND is the most important thing. Many states now have Tobacco Quitlines, that give phone-based help. Washington's is 1-877-270-STOP, and can probably direct people to other states' lines. To handle the very high nicotine addiction of smokeless tobacco, it often takes combining nicotine patches and nicotine gum. The pat...

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  • b.s
    gary m shelor

    I have been using moist snuff for 16 years(kodiak).One can a day and have not had any health promblems or dental.

  • Correcting the Record
    Norman F. Sharp

    March 14, 2002

    To the Editor:

    Maybe the fact that I am writing to you indicates that I still haven’t learned my lesson, but I thought I would give it a try.

    In 1996, I met with a young reporter from the Baltimore Sun who wanted to do an article on the resurgence of cigar sales in the U.S. I told him, “Alec, the real story here is that the resurgence has taken place in spite of the cigar...

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  • Spit Tobacco- Enough Is Enough
    Joseph D. Morris

    My name is Joseph Morris and I have been a dipper for the past 10 years. As I am writing this I am 3 days clean of dip.

    I'll never forget my freshman year of high school. I was first introduced to dip outside at lunch. It gave me such a buzz and I even threw up. It soon became a lunch ritual. I would dip at lunch and be so buzzed for next periods class thatI would sleep right through it because I was so n...

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  • Good article, excellent study but has major errors of fact along with less serious omissions
    Rick Kropp

    Rick Kropp PO Box 4305 Clearlake, CA 95422 (707) 994-2911 rkropp4@home.com

    December 27, 2001

    Dear Tobacco Control Editor:

    The Landrine, Klonoff, and Reina-Patton’s article “Minors' access to tobacco before and after the California STAKE Act” in the Summer 2000 Supplemental Issue of Tobacco Control is an excellent article summarizing a carefully planned and executed study. Its findings are impo...

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  • Norbert Hirschhorn

    Stan Shatenstein's review nicely summarised the essence of the drama, how the dramatis personae of tobacco control in the USA helped scuttle "the plausible, if arguable benefits of the McCain bill," which would have provided the greatest concessions to public health ever imagined, or indeed now imaginable. Worse, the incident fractured the anti-tobacco movement along severe earthquake fault-lines. In this telling, says S...

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  • How US airlines became smoke free
    Stuart Houston

    EDITOR,-- The letter from Henningfield and Rose (Tobacco Control 10:295-296), provides valuable historic information about US Federal Aviation Administration Policy to prohibit smoking in both the passenger section and the flight deck. of scheduled passenger flights. They tell of the smoking ban passed by Congress in 1989. Yes, their letter offers lessons about political and bureaucratic achievements. But they told only...

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