117 e-Letters

published between 2004 and 2007

  • Syria, Lebanon, Tobacco Research in General and Narghile (Hookah, Shisha) Smoking in Particular
    Kamal Chaouachi

    Dear Editor,

    This is to comment on the following recently published study:...

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  • To All Those Who Read This-
    Jennifer A. Jacobs

    When I was 16-years, I lived a very rough life and found myself in the foster-care pool. I came to live with Gloria and Bill Tuttle, and stayed for a few months. I was a very disturbed and distraught child, and I did not get along well with Gloria at all. (In hindsight it wasn't because she was mean, it was because she was in charge!!!) Bill was another story all together. He was quiet. Almost serene. He was tired a lot...

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  • Erectile Dysfunction Medication
    Norbert Hirschhorn

    Would sildenafil (Viagra) or tadanafil (Cialis) ameliorate ED in men who smoke? Was use of these medications asked about in the study?

    Norbert Hirschhorn MD

  • The Social Context of Individual and Collective Smoking: Similarities and Differences
    Kamal Chaouachi

    Dear Editor,

    Studying the social context of cigarette smoking was acknowledged as a pressing need in tobacco control. However, with new emerging health concerns like the growing use of the hookah (narghile) in the world, the social context, which bear similarities in both individual and collective smoking, also shows great differences that need to be reviewed. This letter introduces the reader to the specificit...

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  • A Safer Cigarette
    Henry Jones

    Less Harmful cigarettes do exist, but the majority of the smoking public is unaware that they are available. Isn't it about time that our government establish an agency that would regulate all tobacco products? I have recently been made aware of a new company that makes a less harmful cigarette. The companies name is Wellstone Filters(lowertar.com), and they have a developed a special cigarette filter that is patented and...

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  • Scientific buffoonery
    Kevin M. Mulvina

    It would have to be seen as the most intriguing question of our era; to understand how, with all the most educated of scholarly voices abdicating for world wide smoking bans, how not one of those participants has the vision to see outside the box. To understand with very little imagination how beneficial it could be to society as a whole to simply look at the product before punishing it’s victims. When we view tobacco a...

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    I read the article by Offen et al with great interest. It is an excellent elucidation of the concepts of ‘boycott,’ ‘buycott,’ and ‘perimetric.’ One opportunity for perimetric action not mentioned is the option each academic has to boycott and/or draw attention to universities and medical schools that accept tobacco industry funds or hold tobacco stock. (1) The converse is equally appropriate; ‘buycott’ centers that hav...

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  • Re: Courtrooom expert opinions should be published
    Frederic Grannis

    The trial testimony of Sanford Barsky, offered by David Egilman in his email letter to Tobacco Control, provides an illustrative example of why tobacco industry sponsored research should not be published in Tobacco Control or other responsible scientific periodicals. In the testimony Barsky argues for non-tobacco causation of a case of squamous cancer of the lung. Examination of tobacco industry documents housed in the...

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  • "Harm reduction?" seduction
    Stephen L. Hansen,MD

    While I'm delighted that these tobacco industry trial products of unproven merit continue to "taste like s__t" (-a reference to the RJR president's famous quote in "Barbarians at the Gate"), I hope that we'll not see much more of OSH's time spent on what amounts mostly to market research valuable to the tobacco malefactors.

  • Hookah or water pipe ?
    Mostafa K. Mohamed

    I certainly agree with most of the comments of Dr Kamal Chaouachi but the need to develop one generic name for the different types of this form of tobacco smoking is definite and we tend to prefer the term water- pipe smoking as it denotes the similarity that links all these forms and shapes and local names. Certainly these different names are associated with local geographical languages and idenified best in the reps...

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