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  • Don Cook

    Dear Editor

    As the person who posed four of the seven arguments, used in the March volume of Tobacco Control, supporting banning smoking in outdoor areas I would like to expand on the four points I raised. The arguments put by me apply to an Area Health Service which will shortly become totally smoke-free, this will include outside areas. Until now hospitals have regarded smoking as a special case, as a cultural...

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  • Glenn Moore

    Your article about Mr. Tuttle was most disturbing to me. As a tobacco chewer I have battled with quitting numerous times, as have my close friends that chew. I would entertain any suggestions or material that you could send me to help me and my friends quit this devil weed. I am ready to lose this habit forever, but am tempted daily by other chewers that I work very closely with. I truly believe that they want to stop...

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  • Smoking restrictions in confined outdoor areas are justified
    Margo Goodin

    In researching passive smoking issues for a suggested 'best practice' model in Australia, I was asked -- no, urged -- by normally sedate and conservative tobacco control bureaucrats a number of jurisdictions (which had no legislation to limit smoking in indoor areas) to consider the issue of smoking in outdoor places of public assembly. This was clearly an Issue of Public Importance.

    My own experience in the Aus...

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  • Enquiries for video
    Simon Chapman

    Enquiries about the Smoke & Mirrors video should be addressed to: docuSmoke@aol.com

  • For my cartoon and photos.
    Kamil Yavuz
    Hello, Here new my cartoons and photos.. http://www.kamilyavuz.com Free copy-dounload for you... In the "News" section... Could you please see... Here Tobacco company sales car... (This illegal...) This new photos... Kamil Yavuz- Anti smoking cartoonist
  • more info on smoke and mirrors
    ken shelton

    how will this movie be marketed. can it be purchased by local grass roots groups trying to show it to underaged youth? if so, who should we contact and what will it cost? thanks. We are seeking information on this, and will post an answer shortly. -ed.

  • Thanks!
    Wes Lombard

    Dear Bill,

    Thanks so much for an excellent article!! We can't be pro-active enough against the smoking cartel deceivers!!

    The MSA volume adjustment provision makes me sick!! How our government and people have been duped and diced!

    I recently read some facts about smoking in China and it said over 300 million in China now living will die prematurely from smoking!! Truly we have a challenge o...

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  • How did you quit?

    I found your very interesting......and I would very much like to know how you quit. My husband has been dipping since he was about 14. I hate it, my children hate it and he has tried to quit many times. It is interfering in our lives in many ways.....

    There are all kinds of things out there to help people to stop smoking, but i've never seen information suggesting that those who dip would need help quitting....

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  • New weapons for the arsenal?
    Ciaran O'Neill

    Dear Prof. Chaloupka,

    I read with interest your article in Tobacco Control "Curbing the epidemic: governments and the economics of tobacco control".

    Within the context of a hedonic pricing model a colleague and I recently ran a set of regressions relating cigarette prices to their characteristics (nicotine content, carbon monoxide content, tar level etc). Primarily the intent was to establish were all...

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  • Curious about smokeless tobacco amounts
    Angelyn Griffing

    Dear Jane,

    Thank you so much for your inspiring story. I'm trying to find out information regarding smokeless tobacco for an institutionwide project I'm coordinating. We are trying to estimate the amounts/servings of smokeless tobacco used by patients here. I am not sure how much snuff, smokeless tobacco, or pipes/cigars smoked would be considered an average daily amount. It has been difficult to quantify pat...

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