119 e-Letters

published between 2003 and 2006

  • Still A Cannibal In Our Midst!
    Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye

    In June 2002, months before this column was published, I published an essay in a number of Nigerian newspapers entitled: "The 17 Billion Poison House In Ibadan." The piece was my own way of pouring out my spilling disgust and accumulated indignation because of reports in the media earlier in April of the same year that the Obasanjo Administration had celebratorily granted permission to a so-called "leading cigarette comp...

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  • RE : "tobacco use is risky but counterfeit cigarettes are lethal"
    Ms. Véronique Leclézio

    To: BAT Nigeria Limited Mr. Kehinde Johnson Corporate & Regulatory Affairs Director

    "Should we swallow a bait and have a lethal hook thrust in our throats just because the bait looked so appealingly delicious? What the tobacco companies manufacture has no single benefit, no redeeming feature. All it does is to kill and ruin .They are unwanted, loathsome and unwelcome "(Ugochukwu D. Ejinkeonye- The Black Busi...

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  • Who dominates the illegal cigarette industry?
    Manjari Peiris

    Tobacco leaves which are used for manufacturing cigarettes are cultivated by the tobacco industry themselves, throughout the world.

    If the tobacco industry is honestly keen in stopping the availability of counterfeit cigarettes on this earth, they should first of all stop cultivating tobacco leaves. One of the strategies that the industry employs to protect their business is to misuse the illicit cigarette in...

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  • The slippery slope is not so slippery
    Simon Chapman

    Ron Davis finds my analogy weak when I liken employers not hiring smokers (because as a class they take more time off work) to not hiring women of child-bearing age (because they may become pregnant or take time off for childcare). He notes that in the USA (as indeed in many nations) there are laws outlawing labour discrimination on the basis of sex or age, but not discrimination based on smoking status. Some nations also...

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  • Response to BAT
    Babalola Faseru

    Dear Mr Kehinde Johnson,

    It's so sad that you have joined your CEO to pretend not to know the facts here.

    The products you produce in your factory are extremely poisonous apart from being addictive. All tobacco products irrespective of where they are coming from contain considerable quantities of nicotine and alkaloids. It has also been proven that tobacco from low or high yield cigarettes contain the sam...

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  • Open letter to British American Tobacco & BAT Nigeria
    Stan Shatenstein

    Kehinde Johnson, Corporate & Regulatory Affairs Director, British American Tobacco (Nigeria) Limited, writing on behalf of Dr. Chris Proctor, of BAT's UK headquarters, fails to respond to the principal questions asked by Professor Simon Chapman of the University of Sydney and editor of the journal Tobacco Control.

    In his posting to Tobacco Control's e-letters page, Mr. Johnson relies heavily on the judgment o...

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  • Re: Response from BAT Nigeria
    Jeffrey S. Wigand

    BAT Nigeria Limited Mr. Kehinde Johnson Corporate & Regulatory Affairs Director

    Re: Risky v. Lethal Cigarettes

    Mr Johnson:

    I am the former Vice President of R&D of one of your sister companies.

    I read your response to Professor Chapman on the issue that counterfeit cigarettes are lethal, whereas genuine brands that you manufacture under controlled supervision are only "risky". Are you i...

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  • Emotions for sale
    Norbert Hirschhorn

    To the excellent article by Bero, Glantz and Ling one may add the classical observation of RE Thornton of BAT about women's smoking behavior (1):

    "[G]iven that women are more neurotic than men it seems reasonable to assume that they will react more strongly to smoking and health pressures.... [T]here may be a case for launching a female oriented cigarette with relatively high deliveries of nicotine...."


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  • Response from BAT Nigeria
    Kehinde Johnson

    Dear Professor Chapman

    I am responding to your email to Dr. Chris Proctor concerning media remarks attributed to Richard Hodgson, Managing Director of British American Tobacco Nigeria that, "tobacco use is risky but counterfeit cigarettes are lethal" which was published in ThisDay of January 16 2005

    The Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) is the regulatory body focusing on tobacco control in Nigeria,...

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  • Ethical leadership for a smokefree generation
    Stephen L. Hamann

    I believe that colleges and universities must provide ethical leadership in research development, implementation, reporting and funding (not accept tobacco industry research money or researchers that do). They should not support tobacco industry investment or funding for institutions, seminars or fiduciary requirements. Any and all tobacco industry cooperation or collaboration is irresponsible because of the underlying...

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