98 e-Letters

published between 2006 and 2009

  • Apologies for insensitive placement
    Simon Chapman

    The cartoon that fills the remainder of the second page of this editorial is highly critical of the subject matter of the editorial. The placement of the cartoon was the result of a careless layout error and in no way intended to reflect the editors' views on the editorial.

    We apologise to the author, Matt Myers, for this error and have now reviewed the editorial process where cartoons are placed adjacent to a...

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  • Israel Defense Force Faces Similar Problem
    John D Borowski

    Dear Sirs,

    The USA Amed Forces are not alone in subsidising tobacco for their members. Here in Israel, the independent company (Shekel) which runs the canteens on Israeli Military bases also sells tobacco at prices significantly below those of civillian establishments.

    In terms of profit generation, tobacco is in fact the single most important item sold by the canteens. This fact along with the fact t...

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  • ERRATUM for “Old ways, new means: tobacco industry funding of academic and private sector scientist
    Suzaynn F Schick

    The published paper (p. 158) says "From 2002 to 2004, the IFSH granted US$3.9 million to academic scientists studying biomarkers of tobacco-smoke exposure and harm, tobacco harm reduction and toxicity of tobacco constituents”. The correct number for this time period is $2.9 million. As of August, 2007 the nonprofit Institute for Science and Health had spent US$3.83 million on tobacco industry funded research and US$12...

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  • Further comments on "Water-pipe smoking and dental stains – Adding fuel to the controversy?"

    Dear editor,

    In reference to the e-letter published on July, 24, 2007, entitled "Water-pipe smoking and dental stains – Adding fuel to the controversy?" and authored by Sebastian et al., I'd like to share with comments on the following:

    1- The generalizations that "Shisha (Water-pipe) smokers did not develop any stains while Cigarette smokers had grade 3 dental stains at the end of 100 days" and "Coal...

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  • BAT’s co-branding with BlackBerry –tested in Malaysia?
    Mary Assunta

    Lee and Mackenzie’s news analysis article on BAT’s Blackberry-picking endorsement (TC 2007;16:223) jolted to memory an advertisement from Malaysia a couple of years ago. In March 2005, the Clearing House on Tobacco Control (based at the National Poison Centre, Penang) alerted Malaysians to a similar endorsement advert for BlackBerry by BAT Malaysia in a national newspaper (see illustration at http://tobacco.health.usyd.ed...

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  • Waterpipe and not Shisha should be the unifying term
    Sebastian Thomas

    Dear editor,

    I beg to differ with the statement “Shisha –this word is used everywhere in the world” {e-letter- Shisha vs. “Water-pipe” : The Question of a Unifying Term(Kamal Chaouachi)}

    The word Shisha is not used everywhere in the world. If it is used, the meaning is different. In the Indian subcontinent, a region where hundreds of languages are spoken, the word connoting any type of waterpipe is ‘...

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  • The arrive of British AmericanTobacco (BAT) and the rise in tobacco sales in Italy
    Roberto Mazza

    While a recent editorial in Tobacco Control wonders “Falling prevalence of smoking: how low can we go?”1, in Italy something worrying is happening in tobacco control. After a constant decline in the past 3 years, in 2006 an excess of a 1000 tonnes of tobacco was sold in Italy2. This means “only” an increase of 1.1% of the total market, but represents also an excess of 50 million of cigarette packs, one for each Italian. This...

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  • Blasting away at POS displays
    Kathryn I Barnsley

    Dear Editors

    This is another interesting and useful contribution from Richard Pollay. It reinforces my arguments made in a 2000 article in Tobacco Control, that detailed legislation is required to specifically prohibit POS displays and any industry visual and aural trickery associated with tobacco product sales.

    Ten years ago when we eliminated advertising at POS in Tasmania (Australia), we were warn...

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  • Waterpipe Smoking and Dental Stains-Adding fuel to the controversy?”
    Sebastian Thomas

    A controversy has been raging regarding the relative safety of waterpipe smoking . To investigate the claims of few university students who smoked waterpipe that waterpipe smoke (WPS) does not cause dental stains, we compared cigarette and waterpipe smokers.

    Two groups each of 10 subjects were selected .One group comprising of only water pipe smokers (including 9 waterpipe cafe caretakers), the other made of on...

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  • EU healthcare arena boycotted BAT's CSR stunt
    Nick K Schneider

    The BAT lobbying event on "corporate social responsibility" was luckily not only critisized by Dr Jean King, but widely boycotted by major Brussels based organisations and stakeholders. The initiative was spearhheaded by the European Respiratory Society (ERS), following the invitation to the BAT event by, among others, the Chairperson of the Health and Environment Committee of the European Parliament. Signatories to the...

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