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published between 2013 and 2016

  • Gutkha-Ban (commercial brand of STs) in India is not implemented properly
    Chitta R CHOWDHURY

    NOT PEER REVIEWED Smokeless Tobacco(ST) such as Gutkha-ban (and the like) in India does not work!

    There have been repercussions from sections of growers following the ban of Gutka (and similar products) in Karnataka, a South -Western state of India with the highest production of Areca-nut (one of the major constituents of ST, used in commercial sachet (such as Gutka etc) and home-made/vendor-made Tambula/Paan...

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  • Report ignores key issue in tobacco end game: smokers with behavioral health comorbidity
    Jill M Williams

    The prospect of a tobacco endgame in which death and disease from tobacco would be virtually eliminated is very exciting. We read the May 2013 issue of Tobacco Control on the Tobacco Endgame with great interest. The issue features 20 articles by esteemed co-authors who are known internationally for their work on tobacco control. Each individual article is excellent; however, we were surprised and disappointed that thi...

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  • Important differences not significant and risk negligible
    Jonathan H Bagley
    NOT PEER REVIEWED Surface nicotine levels in non-smoking rooms of smoking and smoke-free hotels were found to be significantly different. However, the authors found that "Geometric mean urine cotinine levels did not differ between non-smoking confederates staying in non-smoking rooms of smoke-free and smoking hotels." Therefore surface nicotine is not important. No significant difference was found between air nicotine levels, w...
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  • Protecting youth and addicts from the neo-nicotine industry
    John R. Polito

    NOT PEER REVIEWED Sincere thanks, Dr. Borland, for your insightful comments recognizing the inherent conflicts between harm elimination and reduction, between policy and profits. As a nicotine cessation educator monitoring the latest wave of irresponsible harm reduction marketing, I have grave concerns that we are only one youth fad away from seeing adolescent nicotine dependency rates skyrocket.

    Nicotine addic...

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  • Re:Large-scale unassisted smoking cessation over 50 years: lessons from history for endgame planning in tobacco control
    Simon Chapman

    NOT PEER REVIEWED Jane, We of course agree that smokers who decide to quit do not make that decision in information environments devoid of all the sorts of influences you list. We both have spent decades contributing to those influences. Those influences are "why" people make quit attempts, but by assisted and unassisted, we are referring to "how" they quit. It's unlikely that many smokers would answer a question on how t...

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  • Large-scale unassisted smoking cessation over 50 years: lessons from history for endgame planning in tobacco control
    Jame A McLennan

    NOT PEER REVIEWED Simon and Melanie,

    Thanks for the article. With respect, i'm not convinced by your arguments here however.

    Firstly, it is incorrect to broadly assume that millions upon millions of people in the 'real world' quit smoking unassisted. Some of them may have, but most would have been given some kind of assistance, albeit even if very brief. It may be advice from their GP, watched telev...

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  • No evidence that the tobacco industry evaded the FDA's ban on 'Light' cigarette descriptors
    Steven D Pinkerton

    NOT PEER REVIEWED The authors of "Has the tobacco industry evaded the FDA's ban on 'Light' cigarette descriptors?" examined four distinct indicators to address this research question. They found that: (1) the major cigarette manufacturers removed the terms explicitly stated in the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act of 2010 by switching to colour terms (e.g., Marlboro Gold) to designate sub-brands; (2) the...

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  • Smoking scenes in Japanese comics (manga)
    Hiroshi Kawane
  • Re:Consequences of TC policy
    Naseem A. Qureshi

    NOT PEER REVIEWED Prof. Ruth Malone is a real, well known catalyst in controlling use of tobacco worldwide. Now her one very sharp weapon to control tobacco use is to implement a policy in terms of rejecting tobacco industry funded research manuscripts publication. There are currently hundreds of thousands of journals including open access journals and are these journals going to follow the steps of TC policy of TCJ? If t...

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  • Implementing Tobacco Control's policy on tobacco industry-funded research.
    Alain Braillon

    NOT PEER REVIEWED The decision to ban tobacco industry-funded research in the Journal could be the opportunity for pointless byzantine discussions from the pros and cons.(1) However, the issue is more concrete. First, Ruth Malone acknowledged the editorial board for vigorous discussions and I would like to know how many members opposed the ban. Second, what is the definition of a tobacco industry for the Journal? Cancer R...

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