78 e-Letters

published between 2000 and 2003

  • Additional Industry Information Available
    Shelley Canitz

    The authors have written an excellent article. Readers may also be interested in knowing that the website for the British Columbia Ministry of Health also contains copies of industry documents retrived from the Guildford depository in England.

    Approximately 40,000 pages of documents on the Canadian operations of BAT and Imperial Tobacco Limited are posted at: www.hlth.gov.bc.ca/guildford/index.html


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  • Author's response
    Joseph R DiFranza
    Jennifer O'Loughlin from McGill University is engaged in a replication/extension of our study. She has conducted focus groups with young smokers which demonstrate that youths experience nicotine dependence in ways very similar to adults but with some exceptions. They do know what addiction means and they describe their symptoms the same way adult smokers do. Dr O'Loughlin has also demonstrated that the measures used in our stu...
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  • Addiction?
    Ron Borland
    Regarding the DeFranza et al article published in the current issue. If the conclusions are true, the implications are large. Before being convinced I would like to see evidence that these inexperienced users meant the same thing by their answers as a 'real' addict might, or that the questions have predictive validity. I would be reassured if those asked to reflect on these early experiences still saw them in the same way after...
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  • Tobacco control in New Zealand – not so comprehensive?
    George Thomson

    Dear Editor

    Tobacco control in New Zealand – not so comprehensive?

    Laugesen and Swinburn(1) provide a very helpful overview of New Zealand’s tobacco control activities between 1985 and 1998. We strongly agree with them that the achievements were largely a consequence of work in the period from 1985 to 1990 and subsequent activity was much less effective. With a series of conservative governments betwe...

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  • Virginia Slims "find your voice" ad
    Ron Davis

    Readers may be interested to know that the Virginia Slims ad shown in this article was changed after the head of Philip Morris was asked pointed questions about it in a recent deposition. The deposition was taken as part of the "Engle" class action lawsuit in Florida, which is heading towards a large punitive damages award (the jury has already handed out two positive verdicts for the plaintiffs).

    Here is an exce...

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  • Alternative nicotine products negligibly reduce smoking
    Bruce Leistikow

    It is regrettable that so much attention continues to be given to suggestions that alternative nicotine products will reduce smoking.

    The US has had numerous nicotine products on the market for years, at least gum and patch are available without prescription. The effects of those products on smoking rates have been assessed and are tiny, nearly negligible (see below), compared to reductions in tobacco consumptio...

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  • No 'satisfaction' at all
    Stan Shatenstein
    I am absolutely mystified by Clive Bates’ hypothetical introduction of a new product called "Satisfaction". This theoretical nicotine delivery device will be marketed in a real world where the sale of cigarettes is still legal. Smokers will still smoke, but a significant number of young nonsmokers will undoubtedly be lured by what Bates calls an “ironic marketing gambit”. ‘We’re too cool for Joe Camel and the Marlboro Man’, they...
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  • Simon Chapman

    Don, I was not aware that you had posed four of the seven arguments I raised in my article -- you are certainly not the only person to have done so. In your response you fail to engage with the core issue here: smoking outdoors in situations that would apply in hospital grounds harms no one but the smoker. By not disputing this, I assume that you agree. Your concern to control outdoor smoking is therefore inherently patern...

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  • Don Cook

    Dear Editor

    As the person who posed four of the seven arguments, used in the March volume of Tobacco Control, supporting banning smoking in outdoor areas I would like to expand on the four points I raised. The arguments put by me apply to an Area Health Service which will shortly become totally smoke-free, this will include outside areas. Until now hospitals have regarded smoking as a special case, as a cultural...

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  • Glenn Moore

    Your article about Mr. Tuttle was most disturbing to me. As a tobacco chewer I have battled with quitting numerous times, as have my close friends that chew. I would entertain any suggestions or material that you could send me to help me and my friends quit this devil weed. I am ready to lose this habit forever, but am tempted daily by other chewers that I work very closely with. I truly believe that they want to stop...

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