119 e-Letters

published between 2003 and 2006

  • Nigerian Cover (April 2005)
    Simon Chapman

    On Jan 19 2005, having been alerted to the extraordinary statement shown on the cover of this issue of the journal (April 2005), I emailed the letter below to Dr Chris Proctor at BAT in the UK. He replied the next day asking when I would need the information sought. I replied immediately that I would like it within a week. No further response has ever been received from Dr Proctor.

    I invite him here publicly to n...

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  • A Middle Ground: Don't Condone or Condemn, But Let Employers Decide
    Ronald M Davis

    My position in this debate, which has been a difficult one for the tobacco control community, is that I neither condone nor condemn hiring policies that favor non-smokers. However, I do support the employer's right to adopt such a policy if the employer so chooses. I believe this position—which is intermediate between the opposing views espoused by Nigel Gray and Simon Chapman—is the most appropriate and defensible po...

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  • Recall - recognition
    Raymond C Pettit

    Thank you for your well done study.

    I had a question about your measure of recall, which in effect requires the ability to think abstractly and verbalize to in fact 'prove' to the interviewer that the ad and its message were seen, heard, and 'digested'.

    Our organization in NY, the Advertising Research Foundation, which may not be familiar to you, has embarked on a series of studies about the role tha...

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  • Why does press ignore these results?
    Manfred A Neuberger

    The highest nicotine concentrations of this study have been found in Austria. Some background for this is given by http://tc.bmjjournals.com/cgi/content/full/14/1/3. Most amazing, however, was that these results had been presented to the Austrian press without causing a reaction. A study of Moshammer et al. (2004) Int.J.Hyg.Environ.Health 207, 4, 337-343 even showed high correlations of nicotine with active particle sur...

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  • General Comments
    Sylvanus L. Burney

    I have been a smoker for many years and have never attempted or had the desire to stop.

    I will willingly compare my health care costs with any non-smoker.

    I will challenge any non-smoker to match my absenteeism due to illness work record for the past 40 years.

    Editor's comment: I can introduce the writer to alcoholics who have never had a car crash; to 5 winners in every game of Russian roulette...

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  • Re: TC and the global tobacco epidemic
    Simon Chapman
    Wasim Maziak has concerns about the small number of papers published in the journal from less developed nations (LDCs) and urges that we send more LDC papers out for review and not reject them without review. The editors share his wish to see more papers in the journal from LDCs, but there are two problems. First, we don’t get very many submissions from LDCs, and second, like those submitted from authors in wealthy nations, we...
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  • TC and the global tobacco epidemic
    Wasim Maziak

    I start by expressing my earnest pride of Tobacco Control and the status it acquired in a record time. I am certainly grateful for making it access-free for developing countries. However, I have some reservation regarding TC editorial policy that I have mentioned before, and for which I want to provide my motivations, speaking only about research articles.

    Obviously the quest for quality cannot be debated and...

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  • Age Progression Software
    Lori Laury

    I have been looking for age progression software, do you have any suggestions on where I can purchase it?

  • Re: Possible involvement of Philip Morris statistical consultant in analysis of Enstrom/Kabat data

    Dear Dr Hirschhorn,

    If you wish me to answer questions, it would seem more appropriate to write to me directly than to ask the questions in a journal without even drawing the existence of such a letter to my attention. However, I will explain the situation.

    I met Enstrom for the first time in 2000 at a meeting which Philip Morris organised in Richmond, Virginia. We both gave talks. One of his talks...

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  • Serious Errrors in this Study
    Kamal Chaouachi
    Dear Editor

    I have analysed the US-funded review and I want to share some of my findings. I am afraid there are serious errors in this document and I will quote only two of them to give an idea of their scope.

    ERRORS. “Waterpipe use likely increases the risk of bronchogenic carcinoma [68] as well as lung [16,20,69] oral,[8] and bladder [21,70] cancers.”

    I will not discuss each of all the cited references bec...

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