81 e-Letters

published between 2001 and 2004

  • Spit Tobacco- Enough Is Enough
    Joseph D. Morris

    My name is Joseph Morris and I have been a dipper for the past 10 years. As I am writing this I am 3 days clean of dip.

    I'll never forget my freshman year of high school. I was first introduced to dip outside at lunch. It gave me such a buzz and I even threw up. It soon became a lunch ritual. I would dip at lunch and be so buzzed for next periods class thatI would sleep right through it because I was so n...

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  • Good article, excellent study but has major errors of fact along with less serious omissions
    Rick Kropp

    Rick Kropp PO Box 4305 Clearlake, CA 95422 (707) 994-2911 rkropp4@home.com

    December 27, 2001

    Dear Tobacco Control Editor:

    The Landrine, Klonoff, and Reina-Patton’s article “Minors' access to tobacco before and after the California STAKE Act” in the Summer 2000 Supplemental Issue of Tobacco Control is an excellent article summarizing a carefully planned and executed study. Its findings are impo...

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  • Norbert Hirschhorn

    Stan Shatenstein's review nicely summarised the essence of the drama, how the dramatis personae of tobacco control in the USA helped scuttle "the plausible, if arguable benefits of the McCain bill," which would have provided the greatest concessions to public health ever imagined, or indeed now imaginable. Worse, the incident fractured the anti-tobacco movement along severe earthquake fault-lines. In this telling, says S...

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  • How US airlines became smoke free
    Stuart Houston

    EDITOR,-- The letter from Henningfield and Rose (Tobacco Control 10:295-296), provides valuable historic information about US Federal Aviation Administration Policy to prohibit smoking in both the passenger section and the flight deck. of scheduled passenger flights. They tell of the smoking ban passed by Congress in 1989. Yes, their letter offers lessons about political and bureaucratic achievements. But they told only...

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  • Tendu leaves
    C Viswanathan

    The authors say:"The leaf is from a broad leafed plant (Diospyrus melanoxylon or Diospyrus ebemum) native to India" I feel there is an error here.Diospyrus ebenum (Ebony,black) is not a source for Tendu leaves, as far as I know.(The authors write 'ebemum'-probably a typing error.For a list of plants from which bidi leaves are obtained, see the following paragraph, from J.K. MAHESHWARI National Botanical Research Institut...

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  • Is Tobacco Control "objective?"
    Dennis P Quinn
    A flap is going on over at the British Medical Journal about whether Nottingham University should accept BAT (tobacco) money to fund an International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility. Some critics not only call for the university to refuse the money but also clamor for the resignation of BMJ’s editor, Richard Smith, because of his point of view on the matter. For the tempest raging in that teapot see http://www.bmj.com/...
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  • Is it possible to pay the piper and not dictate the tune?
    Niyi Awofeso

    I read your recent apt editorial with great interest. The views presented represent some of the more seminal in contemporary ethics vis-a-vis the ivory tower. As you are well aware, it is unfortunate to note that many academic institutions in developing countries collaborate (in the literal sense of the word!) with the major domos mentioned in your five scenarios. Less than 5% of academic research are carried out citize...

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  • Response from Sir Colin Campbell, Nottingham University
    Colin Campbell
    This letter was received from Sir Colin Campbell on 20 December 2000. Thank you for your comments about the University's decision to accept funding for a new Business School Centre from British American Tobacco. From comments I have seen and heard since the announcement was made I know that people hold widely differing views in this area. The University has made a judgement, which it holds to be the right one, but I recognise...
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  • So what! Sue the bastards.
    Philippe Boucher
    The reading of rolling round the curbs by Karina Oddoux and Pascal Melihan Cheinin reminds me of the suggestion to end each article by the question "so what?" meaning (if an explanation is needed) what does this bring to us, what should/could be done concretely to improve the situation... In the case of the advertising of roll your own cigarette papers in France the authors assert they are not covered by the prohibition enacted...
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  • can we have our nicotine without eating it too?
    norbert hirschhorn

    John Hughes has given us a common-sense article on the attributes of smoking that make feel-good nicotine such an addicting drug: rapid onset of effects, frequent use and thus reward (200 hits a day), reliability of delivery, and easy availability. From this analysis, Hughes proposes a way to reduce nicotine dependence through a regulatory system which gradually phases in products ("vehicles") that ameliorate these very...

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