Table 2

Stars chosen by adolescents and their tobacco use scores for films from 1994 to 1996

Actor name N (students who chose this actor) Per cent (of all) N (all movies) N (top 50 movies)
Star tobacco use = 0
 Sandra Bullock172.764
 John Candy50.820
 Sean Connery61.043
 Tom Cruise243.833
 Claire Danes71.162
 Chris Farley61.040
 Harrison Ford71.132
 Mel Gibson213.344
 Tom Hanks152.432
 Andrew Keegan61.031
 Eddie Murphy101.632
 Chris O'Donnell193.062
 Rosie O'Donnell61.081
 Michelle Pfeiffer50.854
 Julia Roberts71.161
 Adam Sandler233.651
 Devon Sawa172.741
 Arnold Schwarzenegger182.944
 Steven Seagal233.643
 Alicia Silverstone172.741
 Wesley Snipes111.754
 Sylvester Stallone142.242
 Patrick Swayze61.031
 Jonathan Taylor-Thomas71.121
 Jean-Claude Van Damme365.752
Star tobacco use = 1
 Jim Carrey6510.366
 Johnny Depp61.040
 Morgan Freeman61.052
 Val Kilmer81.332
 Demi Moore132.151
 Meg Ryan81.353
 Will Smith132.122
 Robin Williams213.375
 Bruce Willis81.374
Star tobacco use = 2
 Drew Barrymore142.262
 Robert De Niro71.163
 Whoopi Goldberg50.8122
 Brad Pitt9114.465
 Keanu Reeves71.172
 Christian Slater81.352
Star tobacco use = 3 or more
 Leonardo DiCaprio50.851
 Sharon Stone50.862
 John Travolta91.465